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TrueDil™ M&A Training

£2,500 per course / £200 per session

This training course is developed from a 2-day intensive training course, delivered by John Gelmini,  a “sharp-end” M&A practitioner and transformation consultant for the past 28 years.

It consists of 20 sessions at 20 minutes each, and is currently instructed online.

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 John Gelmini is an ex GE troubleshooter and for the past 28 years an Mergers and Acquisitions practitioner, transformation consultant, and more recently, a trainer in both the Far East and the Middle East. 

Since 1995,  John has conducted more than 65 engagements , helped to raise $650 million USD in new VC funding, created 4,500 net new jobs, worked with ministries of foreign governments to create inward investment and jobs, and worked on 22 acquisitions, integrations, and mergers of varying sizes around the globe.

Young corporate strategists already identified for future advancement; senior managers and directors seeking a new and more effective approach; project directors, programme managers, project managers, finance people and fast track students and individuals wishing to understand how the process works and how it is changing; people in Mid Caps seeking to grow acquisitively and those wishing to exploit Coronavirus to reach more realistic valuations.

Session 1 1a Mergers And Acquisitions Setting The Scene
1b Trends In Organic Growth
1c Due Diligence Areas Of Focus
Session 2 2a Target Operating Model Exercise To Get Clarity On The Target We Should Be Aiming For
2b Overview Of Mergers And Acquisitions And General Due Diligence Checklist
Session 3 3a Areas Covered By Legal Due Diligence
3b Tools Used In Mergers And Acquisitions
Session 4 4a Illustrative Case Studies In Corporate Grooming As Preparation For Sale And Acquisition
4b Why Merge Or Acquire?
Session 5 The Deal Flow Model
Session 6 Valuation/strategy Linking Pre-deal And Post-deal Strategy
Session 7-14 Valuation In Greater Detail
Session 15 100-day Planning
Session 16 Resource Planning For Integration
Session 17 Review Integration Readiness
Session 18 Reasons For Success And Failure
Session 19 More On Integration
Session 20 20a Integration And The American 120-day Planning Model
20b Overall Strategy And How This Is Reflected In The Overall Integration Process

Our TrueDil™ course is developed in a narrative form complete with diagrams and case studies from around the world. 

It incorporates material that appeals to at least the 3 main NLP learning styles,(Visual , Auditory, and Kinesthetic) .

The course changes over time in line with legislation, trends, and events so that the learning process continues after the course until it reaches a point where something new is required.

There are exercises and the entire philosophy is future focussed, generic, and uses a number of frameworks that take into account cultural differences, mindsets, and legal frameworks.  

At the end of each course module, there is a bullet-pointed session summary to consolidate your learning. 

The bundle price for this course is £2,500, which includes:

  • 20 sessions
  • 5 email consultations
  • 20 minutes of phone consultation

The price for each single session is £200.


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