TRUEDIL is an open forum of discussion for the investment, legal and corporate community who are genuinely interested in or who are actively involved with acquisitions or company investment



The True Diligence networking forum promotes the importance of Non-Financial Due Diligence (NFDD) in the M&A process and focuses on selecting “right fit” international partners.

True Diligence (TRUEDIL) exists to complement, enhance and support traditional financial and legal due diligence. 


Our Upcoming Events

TrueDil Webinar: The True Value of Intangible Assets (26th August, 2020)

For most businesses in the UK, they add and create value through the knowledge they control. This could be through tools and processes they have developed but is mostly through the application of their staff’s knowledge. As this is intangible, it can be very difficult to understand how much knowledge you have, where it is stored, and how it is used.

Jeff Lermer, Founder of JLA Accountants will be questioning David Pearce of Knowledge Ecosystems about how Intangible assets can transform company valuation pre and post M&A. David will share his research and wisdom into what is perhaps going to be the major topic on business owners minds as they seek to restart, rebuild and reinvent their businesses and operations in the turbulent times ahead.

TrueDil Webinar: The True View of AI & RPA (September, 2020)

A TRUEDIL webinar will take place this September at Reed Smith, with guest speakers Laura Stansfield of UiPath, Rob King, Author of the Digital Workforce, and Roch Glowacki of Reed Smith. In this The True View of AI and RPA webinar, we will have an immersive discussion exploring why 60% of M&A acquisition targets claim to have AI and RPA which does not exist, and ways to overcome this issue with pre-M&A due diligence.


Our Last London Event

Over 50 Legal and Financial M&A professionals came together with AI /OI, Brand, Culture, Export, Forensic, Integration and Manufacturing specialists for 3 hours after work in the City of London.

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